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The Sociological Association of the UAE

The Sociological Association of the UAE was established in 1981 for the public benefit. Its goals and purposes are:

to provide a representative body for professionals in the social sciences.
to better serve the needs of society by increasing and maintaining   standards of excellence for professionals in the social sciences.
to disseminate culture and promote social awareness among all classes of   society, in conjunction with other public and benevolent institutions, in   order to achieve the highest level of social harmony and cohesiveness;
to promote scholarly research that will help identify factors and problems   that inhibit the appropriate development of society, and that will help   design and select the best policies for dealing with such factors and   problems.
to offer support to individuals and groups who are unable to fully take   advantage of governmental services, or who have special needs, such as   the handicapped, the aged, minors, orphans, and any children without   parents to care for them.
to promote the exchange of information with other Arab and international   Associations that specialize in the social sciences by all conventional   means, such as the organization of seminars and study groups, sponsorship of local conferences, sponsorship of attendance by members at conferences of other Associations, and the publication of books and scholarly journals.
to improve the conditions of employment for professionals in the social
   sciences, and to offer financial, social, and cultural services to members    of the Association.

P.O. Box 26666 Sharjah, UAE, Phone: +(971) 6 515 5555, Office of Enrollment Management: Phone: +(971) 6 515 1000

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