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Your contract has been signed and returned to the Chancellor’s Office and now the process of getting to AUS commences. There are several things that you need to begin working on immediately.


Faculty must have a valid Entry Permit to enter the UAE.  Depending on their nationality, faculty dependants may also require a valid Entry Permit to enter the UAE.  This permit will be issued and sent to you before you leave home.  It is valid for sixty days from the date of issue, therefore, you must enter the UAE within this period.

For the initial processing of the Entry Permit(s) and insurance procedures you will need to send photocopies of passports and 12 color passport photos of yourself and each of your dependents to Noreen Barron, Human Resources (HR). The address is:

Human Resources
American University of Sharjah
P.O. Box 26666
United Arab Emirates
Fax: (971) 6-5152300 Phone: (971) 6-5152139

HR will process and e-mail or fax you a copy of the Entry Permit. Please send a mailing address and phone number along with the passport photocopies and photos.

You will need to show the copy of the Entry Permit to the airline company at your point of departure. Upon arrival at the airport in the UAE, you will be met by a greeting service called “Marhaba” (means “Hello” in Arabic) and will be escorted through Immigration, etc. and handed over to an AUS driver. You will be given the original Entry Permit so please be sure to keep it safely. It will be required to further process your Residence Visa.

The Public Relations Department will be handling your residence visa procedures. The residence visa will be stamped inside your passport. To start these procedures, please report to the Office of Public Relations, on the mezzanine floor of the AUS Main Building, as soon as possible after your arrival, with the following documents:

  • The original Entry Permit
  • Your passport
  • Original and authenticated copy of Marriage Certificate (for spouse’s residence).
  • Original and authenticated copies of dependent children’s Birth Certificate.

Please contact your nearest UAE Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your own country for further information on authentication of documents. Marriage Certificate and children’s Birth Certificates must be certified before your departure from your home country.

It is anticipated that you will require additional passport photos after your arrival. These may be required by various departments at the university and by governmental agencies for such things as medical insurance cards, driving license or clubs you may join off campus.


Soon after arriving at the university, each faculty member and dependent will be required to do two things. First, a pre-employment physical examination is required at the University Health Center (UHC). Please bring with you your chest x-ray or a signed medical chest x-ray report from your physician (required for faculty member only). Second, for UAE residence, you will be required to have a HIV test through the UHC. This testing is obligatory for all expatriates seeking employment in the UAE, even if you have recently completed the test in your home country. Results from tests (HIV only) undertaken by other labs will not be accepted. The university will arrange dates and times of testing.


All faculty are to be here and ready to work at least one week prior to the start of the academic calendar. Your housing will be ready for occupation at that time.

Airline tickets will be purchased by the university and sent to you. Alternatively, you may purchase your airline tickets and be reimbursed at the current AUS discounted airfare when you arrive. AUS strongly advises against making your own travel arrangements as reimbursement from AUS is likely to be significantly less than the actual price you have paid for your ticket.


The university will reimburse you an amount equal to the cost of shipping up to 200kgs (440lbs) of unaccompanied airfreight per individual contract on receipt of the ORIGINAL RECEIPT. Therefore, if you have signed a contract and are bringing a spouse and one or more children, the university will pay for up to 200kgs. If both you and your spouse have signed contracts, the university will pay for up to 400kgs (880lbs).

In order to ship personal belongings to the UAE, we suggest you contact an international shipping service in your country.

In the United States, you can look in the Yellow Pages under "shipping" or "freight" to locate a company.   

Alternatively, you may contact Skyline Freight Inc. at:

147-20 184th Street
Jamaica, NY 11413 , USA.
(800) 878 - 0303
TEL: (718) 995 - 2900
FAX: (718) 656 – 0859

Ctc: Mr.Russell Howitt
Email :

If you are in Canada you may contact:

TEL: 905-673-5575
FAX: 905-673-6379

Contact Person: Ms. Josefa Shemirani/ Rashid Syed
Email :;;
Tel : 905 673 5575 / Cell # Rashid Syed 416 262 3310
Fax : 905 673 6379

If you decide to use another company you will need to obtain a quotation and forward this to HR.  If this is approved by HR, you will pay upfront and submit a receipt when you arrive for the amount you paid. We will only reimburse you for up to 200 kgs.

It is not advisable to ship via FedEx or UPS as they are much more expensive than firms that specialize in shipping unaccompanied baggage, and AUS will reimburse at the rate of unaccompanied airfreight, not courier service companies such as FedEx, UPS or DHL.

You may decide to send your freight by sea. This method is cheaper than by air, so you will be able to ship more of your belongings, but it takes longer for the freight to arrive. If you decide to send your freight by sea, please contact HR to obtain the rate for shipment of your allowance by unaccompanied airfreight from your point of origin to Sharjah, as this will be the maximum amount for which AUS will reimburse you.

The university provides large and small electrical appliances, a full array of kitchen utensils and cooking equipment, bedding linens and towels.

The voltage in the UAE is 220-240 volts and sockets use three-pin British style plugs. Personal electrical appliances of 110 volts such as hair dryers and computers will require a voltage converter, which can be purchased here at your expense. Since the UAE is the shopping capital of this part of the world, most consumer items are available. You may want to bring along any items of a personal nature to make your home more comfortable.

P.O. Box 26666 Sharjah, UAE, Phone: +(971) 6 515 5555, Office of Enrollment Management: Phone: +(971) 6 515 1000

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